Thursday, June 18, 2009

Recruiting Practitioners for NTF focus groups

Dear Partners,


For the nineteenth consecutive year, the Internal Revenue Service is hosting six Nationwide Tax Forums in July, August and September. This three-day program provides the tax practitioner community with the latest IRS information.

This year each forum has four focus groups which are concentrating on topics that affect small business and self employed taxpayers. We need your candid feedback to improve IRS practices, policies and procedures essential to this taxpayer group.


The IRS scheduled the focus groups so that they will not interfere with one time presentations or the accumulation of CPE credits. You can even bring a brown bag to a lunch time focus group so you will not miss out on other tax forum activities.


Call or e-mail me if you are interested in participating in a focus group. We will contact you with more information about how to pre-register to participate in an SB/SE focus group and receive an appointment card for one of the following topics:


·   Effects of Federal Tax Liens During Foreclosures, Sales, or Refinancing

IRS is looking for practitioner insight with respect to new legislation and the processes related to foreclosures, discharges and subordinations when there is a federal tax lien filed.  

·   Improving Customer Satisfaction in the OIC Program

Tax professional feedback will help IRS determine both positive and negative feedback impacting customer satisfaction and provide insight on whether OIC procedures or program changes are needed.

·   Your Clients and the Economy - How can the IRS help?

IRS is looking for ways to assist taxpayers during the economic downturn and recovery including avoiding and resolving tax problems with the IRS.

·   Surviving an IRS Audit

Insight from tax professionals will help the IRS bridge the gap between taxpayer’s expectations and IRS practices in an audit. 


If you haven’t already, beat the deadline and save $129 by registering early for the upcoming IRS Nationwide Tax Forums. Learn about the latest changes in federal taxes, earn CPE credits and pick up tips for your business while networking with professionals from across the country. To register, go to and click on "Registration". Seminar descriptions, Exhibit Hall information and Frequently Asked Questions are also available online.

Bring your toughest unresolved case to the IRS staff in the Practitioner Case Resolution room. To expedite appointment scheduling, bring a completed Nationwide Tax Forum Case Data Sheet with you. Click on the link Make the Forum Work for You to access the form online.


Approximately 14,000 tax professionals attended the 2008 forums and we look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas, San Diego, Orlando, New York, Dallas or Atlanta this year.  Call or e-mail me or Gerry Kelly-Brenner (contact info below) if you are interested in participating in a focus group.I will be on leave starting June 23 so call or email Gerry after June 22.



James R. Kinsey
Sr Stakeholder Liaison Specialist
Communication, Liaison & Disclosure
SB/SE Division
Work 408-817-6842
Fax 408-817-4601 

Gerry Kelly-Brenner
Senior Stakeholder Liaison Specialist
SBSE Communications, Liaison & Disclosure 
1301 Clay Street, Suite 1090S
Oakland, CA  94612
Phone:  (510) 637-3036
Fax:  (510) 637-2434


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