Thursday, February 12, 2015

Response Requested (if interested): Meeting with IRS Appeals Area Director in San Francisco - March 18th

Hi Everyone,


Patrick McGuire, Appeals Area Director, is interested in conducting a meeting with no more than 10 practitioners who have Appeals experience. In addition, since AJAC (APPEALS JUDICIAL APPROACH AND CULTURE) is relatively new, they’re also interested in getting feedback about this process.


Meeting details:


When:         Wednesday, March 18th

Where:        IRS Appeals

                    100 First Street, Suite 2100

                    21st Floor – Conference Rooms A, B and C

                    San Francisco

Time:          10:00 am - Noon


If you have prior experience with Appeals and are interested and available to participate in this face-to-face meeting, please provide your name and contact information to me ASAP. 


Note the Director has requested a small number of participants for this special meeting, therefore selections will be made (by the Director) on a “first come, first served” basis.  As of today there are 2 slots left.


Thanks in advance for your consideration of this opportunity.



Jennifer Henrie-Brown, ID #1000247447

Stakeholder Liaison Specialist

Communications Stakeholder Outreach

510-637-2199/ fax 510-637-2434

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